Tacos Everyday – Recipes and Shopping List

Note: I planned this menu, but have not actually made everything on it yet.
I had to buy premade sofrito, as Marianos didn’t have the right produce. I also made regular salsa instead of mango salsa due to lack of mangoes.
I made the puerto rican rice, but the recipe called for too much liquid so I both burned the bottom and didn’t completely cook off all the liquid. I still managed to salvage enough for lunches this week.
Instead of doing 3 different kind of chicken tacos (traditional fajitas, mango baked chicken, and regular taco seasoning) I just did a batch of ground beef tacos and used that this week. The chicken I bought I’m saving for the next menu.


Chicken Fajitas & Avocado Sauce (replacing grilling with pan searing, and opting out of the spiced yogurt this time)

Mango Salsa (As both a side and to bake chicken in)

Sofrito (A quick homemade flavor boost, much like the herb oil we all love. Needed for the Rice)

Puerto Rican Rice

Coconut Pudding

Shopping List:
3 Limes
Bunch of Green Onions
Lots of Garlic
Lots of Cilantro
2 Small Jalapenos
4 Bell peppers (at least 1 green)
1 Red onion
2 Yellow Onions
1 Avocado
1 Cucumber
4 Mangos
½ lb Ajies Dulces

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – 1 – 1½ lb per flavor

Dozen Coconut Milk, 28oz

Olive Oil
Corn Tortillas
Flour Tortillas
Can of Tomato Sauce
Can of Pigeon Peas
Manzanilla Olives
Chicken Broth
White Rice


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