What to Expect

Hey, buddy! Welcome to my meal prep blog! Pull up a chair and crack a beer, we’re about to get cooking.

I’ve been loosely documenting my meal prep days for a few months now and decided to branch off and crate a space for food and recipes on its own. I have a few friends behind the scenes helping out as well. I’ll be posting recipe reviews, full meal prep menus, and a variety of interesting and relevant things along the way.

The credit for learning how to cook mostly goes to Alton Brown. I had plenty of home cooked meals growing up but I didnt do the cooking in the house and a lot was supplemented with boxed foods. Now I try to make as much as I can from scratch with simple ingredients. Just because I can cook doesn’t mean I can handle a lot of fancy techniques and complicated recipes, so I try to keep things as easy as possible. If I can make it, anyone can make it.

My approach to meal prep is nestled away in an old blog post still on the fitness side of things. Eventually things will be merged over here but for now Im going to focus in generating new content. It still exists on the Internet, afterall.

My next menu is going to use soup as its main entree. Its getting cold outside and a lot of canned soups have high fructose corn syrup hidden in them, not to mention loaded with sodium. The vote in my group went up for type and majority decided on Tomato Soup to start with.

Now the fun part of branching out into a full week of food! Keep an eye out for recipe drops along the way.


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